Roberta Stier, Medical Care Discount Program Beneficiary

Roberta Stier - Roscommon, MI

"They treat us superbly...like we've been here forever."

Medical Discount Program Helps Family in Hard Times

When Roberta and Edward Stier lived downstate, she was a Marine City Chili Champ, won Girl Scout bakeoffs and catered her daughter's wedding, including baking the cake.

With the economic downturn, though, the Stiers, both in their early 60s, almost didn't have enough money for food. About two years ago, they moved to the home in St. Helen that they had purchased in better times. While both have serious medical conditions, neither one of the Stiers had any medical care for about a year and a half.

Fortunately, they got their health back on track through the Medical Care Discount Program. The program provides primary health care services on a sliding fee scale that considers income, family size and special circumstance. It pays 40-95 percent of the costs for certain primary care services and prescription medications. Even working people may qualify for some level of discount.

"They treat us superbly," said Edward Stier. "Like we've been there forever." For every visit, program patients use a card that resembles an insurance card, which maintains their privacy. "You get the same treatment, whether you're paying 5 percent or 95 percent. You are just a normal person. Nobody knows what you pay."

Help To Stay Healthy

At MidMichigan Medical Offices - Roscommon, Family Medicine Physician Roberto Viguilla, M.D., saw Edward Stier for his heart condition and helped Roberta Stier with a new medication for her seizures and her painful psoriasis. "Ed has one medication that is quite expensive, but with the discount program we can afford it," Roberta said. "He is able to take his meds and keep going."

Community Outreach Specialist Mary Prowse came right to the couple's home to help them complete the paperwork. "She is one fantastic lady," said Roberta Stier. "All the people we have worked with have been wonderful."

The Stiers signed up for the program and then had their first visit with Dr. Viguilla just two days later. "I just adore Dr. Viguilla," Roberta Stier said. "He works very hard to keep our health going, and he has a bedside manner I wish other doctors had."

These days, Roberta says she feels like things are going to get better. She even felt strong enough to quit smoking--a big achievement in such a stressful time.

"We don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow," she said. "We just live day by day. When you can't afford insurance, MidMichigan is wonderful. They've been a godsend." 

We believe that everyone has the right to quality, affordable health care. We understand that not all patients have health insurance or are able to afford the co-pays and deductibles that normally accompany a doctor's visit. For more information about the Medical Care Discount Program, or to receive an application, call MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake at (989) 422-5122.

Billing Questions?

We know medical bills and insurance can be confusing, and we're here to help. To speak with a customer service representative, please call, (989) 422-5122, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m