Counseling Services in Beaverton, Houghton Lake and Roscommon

Coping With Life's Challenges

We offer individual and family counseling to help you cope with life's challenges. These include a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Difficulties in Children and Adolescents
  • Depression
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Grief & Loss
  • LGBT
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Substance use disorders

What to Expect

You will meet with a counselor in a private office. You will receive counseling and referrals based on your individual needs in a safe, comfortable environment. With your counselor you will:

  • Choose the subject you want to discuss
  • Choose the things in your life you want to improve
  • Identify the strengths you have to overcome challenges in your life

How to Make An Appointment

Ask your provider about counseling services, or stop at our reception desk. You may also call us at the MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake at (989) 422-5122 for more information.

Costs and Payment

Our staff can explain the costs for counseling and your insurance options. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, but many insurances will cover all or part of the costs. Here are some guidelines:

  • We recommend people with Commercial Insurance contact their insurance company for details about their coverage before making an appointment. Ask about what is covered and what you would be expected to pay (sometimes deductibles or co-pays apply).
  • Amounts not covered by your commercial insurance may be eligible for our Sliding Fee Discount Program if you are an established patient. This program is also available to those established patients without insurance.
  • Generally, Medicare benefits will help pay for counseling recommended by your provider. There is usually a co-pay that will be your responsibility.
  • Medicaid will generally pay for counseling recommended by your provider. 

Counseling Helps with Life's Challenges

We also offer individual and family counseling to help you cope with life's challenges. Call MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake at (989) 422-5122 and ask for Behavioral Health.

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MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake

Photo of Stacey Gedeon, Psy.D., M.S.C.P., at MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake.Stacey Gedeon, Psy.D., M.S.C.P.
Phone: (989) 422-5122

Photo of Brooke Illig, L.M.S.W., at MidMichigan Health Park - Houghton Lake.Brooke Illig, L.M.S.W.
Phone: (989) 422-5122

MidMichigan Medical Offices - Roscommon

Photo of Carol Miller, L.P.C., C.F.L.E. R.P.T., at MidMichigan Medical Offices - Roscommon.Carol Miller, L.P.C., C.F.L.E., R.P.T.
Phone: (989) 422-5122

Photo of  Lindsey DeRousse, L.M.S.W., at MidMichigan Medical Offices - Roscommon.Lindsey DeRousse, L.M.S.W.
Phone: (989) 422-5122

Harrison Middle School

Photo of Kendra Brown-Doneth, L.P.C., C.A.A.D.C., A.C.S., at SBHC Harrision Middle School.Kendra Brown-Doneth, L.P.C., C.A.A.D.C., A.C.S.
Phone: (989) 741-8390

Houghton Lake High School

Photo of April David, L.P.C., C.A.A.D.C., at SBHC Houghton Lake High School.April David, L.P.C., C.A.A.D.C.
Phone: (989) 366-2061

Roscommon Middle School

Photo of Becky Smith, M.A., L.P.C., at SBHC Roscommon Middle SchoolBecky Smith, M.A., L.P.C.
Phone: (989) 275-6658